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Pre-Purchase Inspection

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More and more homes are being inspected prior to closing as a condition by insurance companies and mortgage holders.   They want to know that the property is in good condition and not going to be a further burden to you.


The Pre-Purchase HomeCheckups Inspection is designed to review the whole house.   Although we cannot take things apart, or open up walls, floors or ceilings, or tear up carpet (after all, the house is not owned by us), we are trained to look for clues to existing problems while they are minor.   This provides you with invaluable information about the home which will assist in guiding you on the decision to move ahead with the offer, or gracefully withdraw and move on.


We encourage you to participate in the inspection as we will point out key items, important details, potential deficiencies, and guidance on maintenance of the home.  


At the end of the inspection, a summary report will be provided outlining the major deficiencies, their impact, why they need to be dealt with,  the timeline for action, potential costs (but we will insist that you get your own quotes as ours is only a guideline at best).  We also point out ramifications if no action is taken to make the repairs.  

You will receive within 24 hours a full report providing an in-depth review of the house; photos, explanations of any deficiencies found, and complete on-line links to provide further clarification of these elements. 

This web based report can be saved and shared with your family, but it is written for you alone.   


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