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Home Owner's Inspection

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Like most home owners, there are things that you may not know about your home - things that have changed while you have been living there that have not quite broken or are at the end of their useful life.   That little wet spot in the basement that shows up after every rain fall, or the stain on the ceiling below the upstairs bathroom.   Or that musty smell you notice when you walk-in after the house has been closed up all day.   These can be markers of small problems that can become major issues and will be spotted by the buyer's home inspector.   If you are selling your home, this information could be used by the buyer to either lower the offer for your home, or walk away because of fear of the unknown.


The HomeCheckups Home Owner's Inspection will review the home from roof top to basement, inside and outside.   We will look at areas such as roofing, electrical, heating and cooling, insulation, plumbing, structure, and interior elements.    A full report and photos of any area that needs attention will be provided within 24 hours with helpful on-line resources to provide more in depth explanations of most household problems, potential repair costs, life cycle and invaluable maintenance suggestions.


Your home is your biggest asset, and it will increase in value faster if you maintain it in good condition.  Using the results of your inspection, your HomeCheckups representative will help you put together a reasonable maintenance plan that is realistic and responsible.  Having a plan is key to maintaining, and improving the value of this important asset.


If you are planning on selling your home, you can make the process of selling your home easier by having an inspection done on the property and any necessary repairs or work completed before you list.  Or you could choose to limit what you repair, reflecting in your price those limitations.


You will have a full understanding of your house, its condition, and the ability to respond to your buyer's questions without confusion.  This will make the selling of your home faster, closer to the price you want, fewer showings or buyers' inspectors finding issues, and leave more time to your other interests.  And should your home be receiving multiple offers, you can focus on the offers and not the parade of inspectors going through your home!


After you have listed your home, you will have the option of displaying the report for potential buyers to view.   The report will show your buyers that you are serious about your home and its condition, and it may be adequate for your buyer not to include an inspection clause, and ultimately close the deal sooner.



Your Inspection


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