Making Home Buying and Selling, an Informed Decision!


Home Checkups:

HomeCheckups, serves the Halton, Peel, and York Regions, KW region, Woodstock, Niagara area including Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton; the GHTA Golden Horseshoe areas.   And like the Realty market, work practically every day of the week.

HomeCheckups utilizes and reviews newer technologies to assist in understanding the conditions found within every property inspection.  Whether it is an airflow tracker, an IR camera, a drone, or a moisture meter, they are tools and must have the needed training and experience to use and or interpret the data provided.  For this reason, I am 'in school' during our slower winter months.     

Home inspections are performed during the daylight hours only.   This means that my days are very long during the summer and not so long in the winter.

HomeCheckups does home inspections but I am also an experienced rental property owner (residential) of hi-rise condominiums, townhouses, single family homes, and multiplexes.  And yes, I have experienced the many ways things can be hidden and/or incorrectly serviced!!


As the owner of HomeCheckups I promise to convey in simple English what I see and report to you what the issue is, why it is important, what the peril is if you do nothing, and some potential solutions to help resolve discovered concerns.

If you have a question about the report or you do not fully understand any part of the report that I provide you, please talk with me immediately.


Company Standards:

The inspection services offered are visual, non-destructive and non-invasive.   It is my intent to provide both prospective new property owners and existing property owners, with information about the building at one moment in time; a snapshot of the building on one date in its existence.  

The service is informational in nature and in no way a guarantee or warranty on the building, its systems or components.


It is my goal to meet or exceed the Standards of Practice of the  Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) which may be viewed and/or printed at:


Standards of Practice


This Standard of Practice forms the basis of my contracted services.

The report is an opinion based upon my knowledge and experience of house construction methodologies, and operations.  

It is intended to be a comprehensive overview of the home itself, and should not be considered an exhaustive inspection of each and every system and component.  This in itself is a limitation of a home inspection that you need to be aware of and understand.