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Here's another example.  


Basements are always dry, right?   Well, actually, basements are not designed to be water tight!   They are designed to shed water, or more accurately to be water-resistant like the watches most of us wear.   And like that watch, if you take a tub or go swimming with it on, it most likely is going to get water inside.   The basement will eventually leak!  It is just a question of time.

If the home has an unfinished basement, your inspector has an opportunity to look at the basement wall structures and check for specific types of wall faults that can and often do lead to water leakage in the basement.


If the basement is finished, it is a lot harder to determine but there are suggestions of potential problems that can still be seen and tools that can be used to assist in assessing the walls from the inside and outside. 


Amazingly, the biggest culprits of wet basements are downspouts emptying out at the house foundation, and yard grading keeping the water at the foundation walls!  That on-grade patio funnels water in what direction?! 


Your HomeCheckups inspector can give you a realistic understanding of an underlying condition, and what may look like a nasty problem, could be corrected by $40 of downspout extensions! 


Advantage goes to the buyer who understands what the issue is because their HomeCheckups home inspector has not only identified a deficiency and a potential low cost resolution but provided you with a true perspective of the situation, and a good negotiating point to better the price of the home you want.


Whether you are looking for a Pre-Purchase, or a Home Owners Inspection, your professional HomeCheckups Inspector provides you the security of knowing before you list or buy.


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